A second 5 day fast

I did a 5 day fast last week and had a good refeed over the last weekend. Two meals each day, less than 20 net grams carbohydrate each day, minimum 70 grams of protein to maintain my lean mass, and fat to satiety. Interestingly, I didn’t have much of an appetite all weekend. I believe what I ate was adequate, but I didn’t eat large amount of food as I might have at the end of an extended fast.

Today I started a second 5 day extended fast. It is much easier today. Less hunger, and ketones immediately shot up from their usual 1 mmol/L average to 3.4 in no time. Day one it is common for me to have waves of hunger. It only happened once today and it was easily solved with salt under the tongue and more water. I believe the easier start is due to the fact that I am in a deeper state of fat adaptation based on my recent 5 day fast. I did my first ever back to back 5 day fast (two day two meal each day refeed in between) the first two weeks of December. Week two I experienced the same as I am experiencing now. Much less hunger, and euphoria day one instead of day two or three. I also broke most of my personal lifting records at the gym. I was so astounded I contacted my IDM co-worker Megan Ramos and asked her WTF was going on! She confirmed it was my deeper state of fat adaptation based on the previous week’s 5 day fast, and also adrenaline. She did not discount the fact that I surely gained lean mass (and strength) after breaking the previous week’s fast. At the end of a fast, our body releases HGH, Human Growth Hormone, which builds lean mass. Muscle. This is exciting. At the end of November I had a DEXA scan in anticipation of gaining more lean mass. I have gained lean mass in the past, easily. Twice I gained 4+ pounds of lean mass in four months time, confirmed by DEXA. That is very good. I am excited to see what I accomplish this time. I will lift heavy tomorrow, as I did twice during my 5 day fast last week. I always feel incredible when I lift fasted, And I look forward to my lifting day and possibly breaking more of my personal best weight limits.

Happy Fasting!

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  1. Hi Brenda, I’m currently 115 hrs into a planned 48-hour fast, and you’ve inspired me to push through and go for a new PB (which was previously 109 hrs). How do you end your fasts before your feast begins. I remember that when I’ve EF’d in the past that ‘re-animating the digestive system’, shall we say, has been ‘exciting’ and caused me to consider when I end this current fast with great deal. What do you eat, amounts, timings, etc?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Grover. I am glad I could inspire you. Support when fasting I have found is key.
      On the subject of breaking your fast and re-awakening the digestive system, I do have some guidelines I follow. As you know, everyone’s body is different. Yours may not react as mine does. Best recommendation is to wake your GI system slowly and gently by eating a very small amount of something mild, such as a two ounce piece of pork belly or a half cup of leafy greens with a few teaspoons olive oil. Then wait 30 to 60 minutes before consuming a normal size meal. Try not to overeat. One more thing, nuts and eggs are not a wise choice to break the fast. Both can cause a stomach ache and even diarrhea.
      I realize at the end of a long fast, sometimes the desire to overeat is strong. Try to control that urge and go easy. Your body needs time to reboot.

      1. >Support when fasting I have found is key.
        Definitely. It was my Wenchie that encouraged me to start EFing again with an awesome Christmas present. Then she pushed me to go longer than 48 hours by her gentle encouragement.

        I’m currently at 119 hours, and it will be at least 4 or 5 hours until I can eat again, and she wants me to go further. But! I have steak in the fridge that is waiting for me eat tonight. So, I’m going to follow your recommendation for some leafy greens and some good quality Olive Oil we got from Paris, and then nom that steak.

      2. That worked great. Some leafhy greens with olive oil, and no distress at all. Thanks.

        I’ve got the confidence to do more EF’s now knowing that I don’t have to plan the end of them for when I am at home with no plans.

        What I am not happy about is the 1.2 Kg my weight is up from yesterday. I’ll try to post a graph so you can see, but basically it knocked my weight loss back 4 days.

        1. Where you at with your fast.. I am looking for support and maybe a partner to join me on a fast.. I completely fell off keto during the holidays and really need to fast to get back in..

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