Fountain of Youth

So this happened. Saturday night I was out with a friend for the evening for her birthday. We went to dinner, and then left and went to a familiar place in town to listen to live music. A one point, a young man and his two friends came to sit at our table. I said it was my girlfriend’s birthday and so, one of them tried to guess her age. Then the young man was challenged to guess my age. I was watching him closely. In all seriousness he said 32 and I cracked up laughing really hard and I said something to the effect of “I could kiss you right now!” And so he said, “well, if you’re laughing that hard, you must be closer to forty?” I said 55. He didn’t believe me. I got out my driver’s license and handed it to him. He still didn’t believe it even though it was in front of him. 
I told him he made my whole day, …..week, …..year.
This does happen to me quite often by the way, but usually they only guess my age to be maybe 10 years younger. And if someone finds out that I have a 31 and a 35 year old child, they usually don’t believe it. So this isn’t the first time it happened but, this is the first time someone guessed my age to be 20+ years younger! 
The ketogenic diet and therapeutic fasting. 
It is the Fountain of Youth.

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