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I started a 5 day water fast last night. Join me. When I fast, I drink only water and plain coffee or tea. Herbal teas are good too for me as long as they aren’t sweet.

Fasting to me is a feat of endurance. I need to be physically ready, and most importantly, be psychologically ready. 

I will break this fast on Saturday January 5th, have 2 rich refeed ketogenic meals on both Saturday and Sunday, and then begin a second 5 day next week on Monday January 7th.

Earlier in December I did two back to back 5 day fasts for the first time ever, and was amazed how easy the second one was. Not only did I have less waves of hunger on day 1, I had euphoria on day 1 as well, which usually doesn’t begin to kick in until day 2 or 3. Additionally, I broke several of my own weightlifting records at the gym. This obviously caused by the release of HGH (human growth hormone) at the break of the first fast, as more muscle and strength was achieved. Adrenaline is also a factor while fasting. Unbelievable power. Like rocket fuel. I have talked about this on podcast interviews.

During my fast, I will keep busy adding content to this, my new blog. I have a lot to add, and I am just learning. This is literally day one. On to a new adventure. Blogging. This is my new challenge. Thank you Richard Morris for this gift. You are always one step ahead of me, leading the way.

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  1. I did my first 3 day fast during the December Zorn fast. It was a success! I plan to do the January one. Is it still the last Thursday of the month?

  2. Awesome!!! Will definately keep up with you here also! You are a great inspiration to us all that folliw you, appreciate all you do & info you have and will be passing along thru this blog! I am doing great with 24 hr fasts most everyday, my goal is to stretch & do longer…your a rockstar!!!

    1. Thank you. Be sure and change up your feasting and fasting. A 24 hour every single day should be changed up a few times a week with a two meal day. This keeps metabolism running high. The last thing we want to do is slow our metabolism!

  3. Happy NewYear. It’s been a long time since I last fasted. Going to be working my way back to it. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  4. I want start a 10 day fast tomorrow, Sunday Jan 20th..
    Anyone want to join me.. or can I join in on a fast,.. need support to get back into keto after falling off on the holidays..

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