Third Day, Hour 58

I have crazy energy and euphoria. Getting a ton of work done. Exhausting certain friends with my enthusiasm. I love fasting. I am very comfortable today. I last ate at breakfast Monday morning, 10 am. I usually stop eating at dinner on Sunday night, but I had a bit of trouble getting started this time. But that’s all good, here I am. Nearly to the halfway point of my 120 hour fast. Why do I fast? For the autophagy. For the fat loss. To target visceral fat. To promote the release of HGH and to build lean mass. My digestive system seems to like the break. Everything becomes calm and quiet. I have laser focus also when fasting, so I use the time to get tasks accomplished.

Fasting is a skill you build on. Wherever you start is a win, you’ll get better at it. Support is key, whether it be fasting with a group, or reading a supportive book such as The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung or his first book, The Obesity Code. Listen to fasting podcasts, join my monthly fast on the Ketogenic Forums. There is much quality support out there, and I am here to point you to it. Start with the team I work with,

Intensive Dietary Management. Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos’ program. Try the Ketogenic Forums at

I need to learn how to hyperlink here. Please be patient. Ugggh.

Search Fasting in the forum, or my name. I’m everywhere there 🙂

Take your salt, hydrate hydrate hydrate,

More tomorrow.

Happy Fasting!

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