Fountain of Youth

So this happened. Saturday night I was out with a friend for the evening for her birthday. We went to dinner, and then left and went to a familiar place in town to listen to live music. A one point, a young man and his two friends came to sit at our table. I said it was my girlfriend’s birthday and so, one of them tried to guess her age. Then the young man was challenged to guess my age. I was watching him closely. In all seriousness he said 32 and I cracked up laughing really hard and I said something to the effect of “I could kiss you right now!” And so he said, “well, if you’re laughing that hard, you must be closer to forty?” I said 55. He didn’t believe me. I got out my driver’s license and handed it to him. He still didn’t believe it even though it was in front of him. 
I told him he made my whole day, …..week, …..year.
This does happen to me quite often by the way, but usually they only guess my age to be maybe 10 years younger. And if someone finds out that I have a 31 and a 35 year old child, they usually don’t believe it. So this isn’t the first time it happened but, this is the first time someone guessed my age to be 20+ years younger! 
The ketogenic diet and therapeutic fasting. 
It is the Fountain of Youth.

A second 5 day fast

I did a 5 day fast last week and had a good refeed over the last weekend. Two meals each day, less than 20 net grams carbohydrate each day, minimum 70 grams of protein to maintain my lean mass, and fat to satiety. Interestingly, I didn’t have much of an appetite all weekend. I believe what I ate was adequate, but I didn’t eat large amount of food as I might have at the end of an extended fast.

Today I started a second 5 day extended fast. It is much easier today. Less hunger, and ketones immediately shot up from their usual 1 mmol/L average to 3.4 in no time. Day one it is common for me to have waves of hunger. It only happened once today and it was easily solved with salt under the tongue and more water. I believe the easier start is due to the fact that I am in a deeper state of fat adaptation based on my recent 5 day fast. I did my first ever back to back 5 day fast (two day two meal each day refeed in between) the first two weeks of December. Week two I experienced the same as I am experiencing now. Much less hunger, and euphoria day one instead of day two or three. I also broke most of my personal lifting records at the gym. I was so astounded I contacted my IDM co-worker Megan Ramos and asked her WTF was going on! She confirmed it was my deeper state of fat adaptation based on the previous week’s 5 day fast, and also adrenaline. She did not discount the fact that I surely gained lean mass (and strength) after breaking the previous week’s fast. At the end of a fast, our body releases HGH, Human Growth Hormone, which builds lean mass. Muscle. This is exciting. At the end of November I had a DEXA scan in anticipation of gaining more lean mass. I have gained lean mass in the past, easily. Twice I gained 4+ pounds of lean mass in four months time, confirmed by DEXA. That is very good. I am excited to see what I accomplish this time. I will lift heavy tomorrow, as I did twice during my 5 day fast last week. I always feel incredible when I lift fasted, And I look forward to my lifting day and possibly breaking more of my personal best weight limits.

Happy Fasting!

Third Day, Hour 58

I have crazy energy and euphoria. Getting a ton of work done. Exhausting certain friends with my enthusiasm. I love fasting. I am very comfortable today. I last ate at breakfast Monday morning, 10 am. I usually stop eating at dinner on Sunday night, but I had a bit of trouble getting started this time. But that’s all good, here I am. Nearly to the halfway point of my 120 hour fast. Why do I fast? For the autophagy. For the fat loss. To target visceral fat. To promote the release of HGH and to build lean mass. My digestive system seems to like the break. Everything becomes calm and quiet. I have laser focus also when fasting, so I use the time to get tasks accomplished.

Fasting is a skill you build on. Wherever you start is a win, you’ll get better at it. Support is key, whether it be fasting with a group, or reading a supportive book such as The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung or his first book, The Obesity Code. Listen to fasting podcasts, join my monthly fast on the Ketogenic Forums. There is much quality support out there, and I am here to point you to it. Start with the team I work with,

Intensive Dietary Management. Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos’ program. Try the Ketogenic Forums at

I need to learn how to hyperlink here. Please be patient. Ugggh.

Search Fasting in the forum, or my name. I’m everywhere there 🙂

Take your salt, hydrate hydrate hydrate,

More tomorrow.

Happy Fasting!

Here we go

I started a 5 day water fast last night. Join me. When I fast, I drink only water and plain coffee or tea. Herbal teas are good too for me as long as they aren’t sweet.

Fasting to me is a feat of endurance. I need to be physically ready, and most importantly, be psychologically ready. 

I will break this fast on Saturday January 5th, have 2 rich refeed ketogenic meals on both Saturday and Sunday, and then begin a second 5 day next week on Monday January 7th.

Earlier in December I did two back to back 5 day fasts for the first time ever, and was amazed how easy the second one was. Not only did I have less waves of hunger on day 1, I had euphoria on day 1 as well, which usually doesn’t begin to kick in until day 2 or 3. Additionally, I broke several of my own weightlifting records at the gym. This obviously caused by the release of HGH (human growth hormone) at the break of the first fast, as more muscle and strength was achieved. Adrenaline is also a factor while fasting. Unbelievable power. Like rocket fuel. I have talked about this on podcast interviews.

During my fast, I will keep busy adding content to this, my new blog. I have a lot to add, and I am just learning. This is literally day one. On to a new adventure. Blogging. This is my new challenge. Thank you Richard Morris for this gift. You are always one step ahead of me, leading the way.