My current Fast

Fasting on hold till after my carnivore experiment ends. Last day March 4. I am looking forward to fasting again!!

Wednesday January 16, 2019

I am feeling very good, woke up with all over feeling well and rested. Considering I leg pressed 680 pounds 10 times yesterday this never ceases to amaze me. I experience no DOMS effect, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The reason? The ketone bodies I use for fuel use the same pathway as lactic acid, so the lactic acid (the cause of this type of muscle soreness) is shuttled away very efficiently, leaving me feeling no pain at all.
I only have a slightly stiff or a stretched feeling from the lifting. No hunger today, but as with other fasts, I do miss eating. The best strategy I have for dealing with this is I keep very very busy. Over indulging in espressos at my local coffee shop works well too. I plan to break my fast at noon tomorrow. I need to prepare for a lipid test on Monday January 21.

Tuesday January 15, 2019

Day two of a half week fast. Less hunger this time. Hunger comes in waves, and not often at all. Most of the accomplishment with fasting is mental. If you learn to overcome the need for comfort eating, your fasting struggle will likely be solved,

Monday January 14, 2019.

This week I am doing a “half week fast” by fasting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I break the fast Thursday at noon. This will be at least 84 hours of fasting.

As I write this I am on hour 71 of a 120 hour water fast. Today was comfortable, no hunger at all. Not even once. Energy was optimal. My system becomes so calm. I need less rest, and my mind becomes clear. I am actually able to accomplish more tasks a few days fasted than I am otherwise. It is counter intuitive. You would think that in the absence of food you would have no energy, not be able to think clearly. The opposite is true.

Usually by the third day of a fast others around me begin to notice a glow, and rarely does a day go by without someone remarking to me about it. It has become predictable. So what is that “glow”? Is it better oxygenation? Is it adrenaline? Is it better circulation? Maybe it is autophagy at work.

When I am doing an extended fast, I become pretty focused on the goal. Really the worst thing that happens is I miss eating. I miss the comfort of it more than anything else. Especially at the end of a work day. I find myself lost at times because preparing a meal in the late afternoon is such a habit. One thing I have found, I sure do save a lot on groceries when I fast this often!

I did a 5 day last week as well, so a two day re feed, two meals each day last Saturday and Sunday. I will do the same this coming weekend, and then fast next week only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because I need to eat normally (for me that would be ketogenic) for 3 or 4 days in order to give a good and normal blood test. I am having full lipid panels done for an upcoming experiment I am participating in. More on that later.

Happy Fasting

This was day 4 of my second 5 day fast of January:

I feel so good it’s downright Criminal.
Lock me up in keto, and throw away the key.

 It is a skill you build on like any other. It takes practice. I compare it to running a marathon. Mostly psychological, some training and practice, management of electrolytes and hydration. Once you’ve learned how to do that, fasting is second nature.

You can start out small such as limiting food to two meals a day. Then try a 24 hour fast, dinner to dinner. When you feel ready, skip a day and night and only eat every other day. You’ll know when you’re ready for a longer, multiple day fast.

 The hunger comes in waves. It passes. After a day or two it disappears completely. Fasting is magical.

Day 5

Today, and last night were amazing. I felt the clearness and clarity and energy like never before. Ketones 4.7 upon waking and remaining at 3 or 4 mmol/L all day.

I lifted weights at the gym today.

In a way, I don’t even want to break the fast because by this day, or days 4 and 5, I am a machine.
I have been practicing consistent extended intermittent fasting for three years now. (plus ketosis with the ketogenic diet) LOOK WHAT HAPPENS! I’m healthy, I’m happy. I love life. HEALTHY AF. (I reversed T2DM, depression. neuropathy, hypertension, and obesity). Have you seen how much weight I can lift at the gym? I continually shock myself with my growing strength. I am 5’7″ and have a lean mass of 135 pounds. That’s nuts. FASTING did that! When you break your fast the body releases HGH, human growth hormone, and that builds MUSCLE!!! Fasting is phenomenally magical. Truly. I will always have it in my life. Always.