My Ketogenic Diet

Lamb breast, blistered shishitos, raspberries

Bacon and Bloody Mary’s

12 ounce pan seared ribeye lastmeal.

A 12 ounce pan seared ribeye eaten as my last meal on Sunday January 6, 2019

A simple cold salad made with a few tablespoons each of diced red onion and diced tart apple. Three chopped shishito peppers, sour cream, mayonnaise and diced raw bacon complete this. Any of you that know me know that I eat raw bacon sometimes but this is the thing… is it really raw? No. It’s smoked and cured so it’s kind of like ham. Really fatty ham.

Raw Bacon salad with Apple

4 ounces Goat cheese

Pork Belly/Hollandaise Sauce

Tiny Apple. Minimal carbohydrate.

10oz chuck steak and spaghetti squash with butter.